Polling data from Abacus Data who have been tracking the country’s level of satisfaction with the government since March 2014 finds that growing numbers of Canadians are not happy with the direction of the current government and where they are taking the country. They want change.

Have a look through their latest results.


Sep 09

Beware Government Newspeak

In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, written in 1949, he coined the term ‘newspeak’. It was the language spoken in the dystopian, totalitarian society the novel depicts. A society where plain language had been bent to the point that only the simplistic language remained and complex or critical reasoning had become heretical. Newspeak forced members of society to toe the government line as they were no longer capable of opposition.

Today, in the real world, many governments and institutions use a form of newspeak in varying degrees.The Harper Governmnent’s War on Language at iPolitics is an excellent article reviewing some of the levels the Harper government goes in their use of newspeak. Harper has outdone many with his deceptive level of sloganeering beginning with changing the reference to government from the Government of Canada which has served this country for every government since confederation. Harper had it changed to, the Harper Government and for the last almost ten years that is the government we have had.

He went on to change points of reference so frequently that many become immune to the deceit which he and his government practice. We no longer have government budgets, they are now ‘economic action plans’ contained within omnibus bills which change numerous unrelated laws on a largely unsuspecting public. Notably one of those ‘economic action plans’ gutted environmental protection laws brought in by Mulroney to the point that overnight we went from almost a million protected water ways to less than a thousand. That made life much easier for his friends at the oil companies. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 08

Week 5 of the Election Campaign

Well, week 5 of this very long election campaign has come to a close along with the summer portion of it. Kids are back to school, adults are back to work and for the most part, people are winding down their summer activities and shifting into the awareness that fall and winter are on their way.

According to the latest at Three Hundred Eight it appears the NDP and the Conservatives have slipped a bit, the Liberals and the Greens have come up a bit in the polls. No party has moved enough to create a clear trend. It’s still anyone’s election campaign.

While I haven’t been posting since the campaign started, I have been reading a lot. I have some articles waiting for me to make some notes and comments on. I plan to do that over the course of the next few days. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 02

Time is Coming For Me to Choose’s people sent out a press advisory yesterday that he would be visiting the Governor-General today. Since it is unlikely he’s meeting him for brunch, this would be for the dropping of the writ to start what will be a very long nasty election campaign.

Like millions of Canadians, I will need to make a choice by the time October 19th rolls around. Being a regular consumer of news and information by the time most elections roll around, I’ve pretty much decided which party I don’t want therefore, I will be voting for the other party. Until now.

I’ve always been a person who viewed federal politics as either Conservative or Liberal. The NDP were an interesting side-show that managed to keep some on their toes. The Bloc, well, I’ll be charitable and just call them more of a Quebec side-show than a Canadian party and the Greens, they make some noise but don’t really register in my world.

I remember chatting with my rather dyed-in-the-wool Conservative brother during the 2011 campaign. One of the few things we both fully agreed on was the perception that Jack Layton and the NDP could say what they wanted, they would never have to back it up in government.

Then they became the Loyal Opposition, largely due to an influx of seats in Quebec. Flash in the pan and the shine on Jack Layton wont last forever was my feeling. After all, the NDP aren’t really serious contenders. How times change. Read the rest of this entry »

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