Aug 02

Time is Coming For Me to Choose’s people sent out a press advisory yesterday that he would be visiting the Governor-General today. Since it is unlikely he’s meeting him for brunch, this would be for the dropping of the writ to start what will be a very long nasty election campaign.

Like millions of Canadians, I will need to make a choice by the time October 19th rolls around. Being a regular consumer of news and information by the time most elections roll around, I’ve pretty much decided which party I don’t want therefore, I will be voting for the other party. Until now.

I’ve always been a person who viewed federal politics as either Conservative or Liberal. The NDP were an interesting side-show that managed to keep some on their toes. The Bloc, well, I’ll be charitable and just call them more of a Quebec side-show than a Canadian party and the Greens, they make some noise but don’t really register in my world.

I remember chatting with my rather dyed-in-the-wool Conservative brother during the 2011 campaign. One of the few things we both fully agreed on was the perception that Jack Layton and the NDP could say what they wanted, they would never have to back it up in government.

Then they became the Loyal Opposition, largely due to an influx of seats in Quebec. Flash in the pan and the shine on Jack Layton wont last forever was my feeling. After all, the NDP aren’t really serious contenders. How times change. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 01

Federal Election Campaign to Get Underway So, if the media speculation is correct, Harper will officially kick off the federal election campaign as early as tomorrow. If he does, it will be 77 days long. The longest since the 74 day campaign of 1926. Shorter than the record 89 day campaign of 1872.

Increasing the length of the campaign increases the costs for the Canadian taxpayer while also increasing the amount of money the political parties can spend. Since the Conservatives have the largest financial pool, wonder who gets that advantage?

Starting a campaign mid-summer pretty much guarantees that most Canadians will hardly register an election is underway until likely mid to late September. So, expect a barrage of Conservative BS to be smacking us in the face about then with all that extra loot they get to spend. Read the rest of this entry »

Status update

Someone wandering around with a cold shared that sucker with me. I’ve been home for four days now. Hoping it doesn’t move into bronchitis which I’ve managed to avoid for about four years. I don’t share colds, others should do the same.

Jun 27

Changes and Shifts

I’m working on making some changes in my life. What my final direction will be, who knows. I’m just taking this a step at a time. In the past, I’ve used this blog to focus on writing opinions on news that interests me. A lot of that is political, it interests me. I used another blog for writing about more personal items.

I’ve decided to transition that blog into another interest area, food and cooking. So, this blog is going to transition back to the mix of opinion and personal material it started out as.

It’s my space, I make zero apology for doing with it what I want. I’m inviting you to come and visit. For the time being, the commenting feature will be disabled while I sort out how to have the feature without all the spam that comes along with it.

For me, it is a good time to make that shift. We’re approaching an election here in Canada. That always gets my interest. Hopefully it gets yours.

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