Cheezy North Korean Dictator

Posted on Dec 27, 2014 in International | Comments Off on Cheezy North Korean Dictator

Kim-Jong-unI’ve been sort of watching the whole “The Interview” episode with a level of amusement.

So, Sony Pictures Entertainment creates a comedy-action movie that boils down to a fantasy about an attempted assassination of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. It received mixed reviews from critics and likely would have died a quiet death along with all the other mediocre movies released every year. Enter the cheezy dictator who is used to controlling everything that happens in his little country.

In June, North Korea aka the cheezy dictator threatens merciless actions should Columbia Pictures go ahead with the release of this otherwise unremarkable movie. So, let’s see, either Kim Jong Un has the maturity of a two year old or he really liked the movie and wanted to rescue it from the fate it was likely heading for.

Not to miss a chance at boosting interest in a release, Columbia Pictures delayed the release from October to December and said they had edited it to make it nicer for the cheezy dictator. Apparently not good enough.

In November, a hacking group, The Guardians of Peace, with alleged ties to North Korea took the computer systems of Sony down. They released sensitive material and then in mid-December threatened terrorist attacks if they showed the movie which the same group deemed to be “the movie of terrorism”.

I’m sure the cheezy dictator really had nothing better to do than to try to stop this movie from being aired. So far, this is making the movie less a comedy and more like true life in the cheezy dictator’s fiefdom.

Next, movie theatres respond by cancelling the showing of the movie, a likely gift to movie-goers every where who would like to see a good movie at Christmas time. However, not so good giving into threats made on behalf of a cheezy dictator. Sets a bad example when trying to stop cyber-bullying. Needless to say criticism quickly became directed at Sony for the move as it really does go against the whole concept of the freedom of the media to produce what it sees fit for entertainment, even if it is rather mediocre.

Obama added his voice to the criticism about the same time it became known that the hacking group was allegedly acting on behalf North Korea aka the cheezy dictator. Well, I should pause here long enough to remind readers that North Korea doesn’t have freedoms like we in North America do. They do get very sensitive over anything which paints their dictator for life (and those of his forefathers) in a bad light. They also appear to lack a collective sense of humour, likely because they would risk execution should the suggestion to show some sense of humour was to be made.

Last Monday, the internet in North Korea died for over nine hours. Officials there immediately accused the United States, presumably the CIA of doing the deed. That would be the same CIA depicted in the movie as recruiting two journalists to assassinate the cheezy dictator. That could be what happened or it could be that North Korea took their own internet down in order to claim they had been attacked. Either way, the world didn’t fall on its ear for the brief but otherwise irritating outage.

Christmas Eve, Sony orchestrates a limited theatre release of the movie and made it available for online rentals. A bug in the online rental process allowed it to be recorded and uploaded to torrent sites from which many have downloaded the release. Therein lies the real fear that the cheezy dictator has.

It’s not really the showing of the movie outside of North Korea. It is that despite the otherwise tight control he has on the country, bootleg media does make it into the country and he’s afraid that one of his subjects would get the idea to actually assassinate him. Like his subjects have never ever considered that as a possibility without watching a mediocre movie.

In a demonstration of the wisdom and maturity the cheezy dictator has grown up developing for when he took over as resident dictator, Kim Jong Un via his governmental puppets has responded to the internet outage by referring to Obama as “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest”. Yep, very mature and sets an example of leadership the world just yearns for.

I’m beginning to see the plot of the sequel to “The Interview” — the real life comedy on the release of the original fictional comedy. Lots of material to work with, might be worth watching.