Changes and Shifts

Posted on Jun 27, 2015 in Personal | Comments Off on Changes and Shifts

I’m working on making some changes in my life. What my final direction will be, who knows. I’m just taking this a step at a time. In the past, I’ve used this blog to focus on writing opinions on news that interests me. A lot of that is political, it interests me. I used another blog for writing about more personal items.

I’ve decided to transition that blog into another interest area, food and cooking. So, this blog is going to transition back to the mix of opinion and personal material it started out as.

It’s my space, I make zero apology for doing with it what I want. I’m inviting you to come and visit. For the time being, the commenting feature will be disabled while I sort out how to have the feature without all the spam that comes along with it.

For me, it is a good time to make that shift. We’re approaching an election here in Canada. That always gets my interest. Hopefully it gets yours.