Federal Election Campaign to Get Underway

Posted on Aug 1, 2015 in Canadian Politics | Comments Off on Federal Election Campaign to Get Underway

http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/63862253/3/stock-photo-63862253-ballot-box-painted-into-national-flag-canada.jpg So, if the media speculation is correct, Harper will officially kick off the federal election campaign as early as tomorrow. If he does, it will be 77 days long. The longest since the 74 day campaign of 1926. Shorter than the record 89 day campaign of 1872.

Increasing the length of the campaign increases the costs for the Canadian taxpayer while also increasing the amount of money the political parties can spend. Since the Conservatives have the largest financial pool, wonder who gets that advantage?

Starting a campaign mid-summer pretty much guarantees that most Canadians will hardly register an election is underway until likely mid to late September. So, expect a barrage of Conservative BS to be smacking us in the face about then with all that extra loot they get to spend.

Harper has a long road to travel to gain another government. Which explains why he wants to the opportunity to spend a lot more of our money and his party’s. He’s out of political cred and Canadians know it, the only question remains — will he convince enough of them to either show up and vote out of fatigue with making a decision or just stay home and let his base vote him back in? The latter is his most likely and safest goal.

Remember, only 39% of Canadians put Harper into office in 2011, primarily because way too many Canadians didn’t bother to vote. A recent NANOS poll for CTV News indicated that 66% of Canadians want change. In order for that change to happen, Canadians have to show up to vote in large numbers. We have to exercise the freedom that has been fought for in this country!

Under the so called, Fair Elections Act, which the Harperites passed during this government, Elections Canada who should be the go to source for encouraging Canadians to get out and vote, has been restricted in what they can do to encourage Canadians to vote.

This election, if we really truly want change, each of us are going to need to drag those who otherwise don’t bother to get out and make a choice at the ballot box. Every vote counts.