Welcome to 2016, Happy New Year

Posted on Jan 1, 2016 in Personal | Comments Off on Welcome to 2016, Happy New Year

This is my first post of 2016, welcome to you and the new year and may you have a very happy new year. The new year doesn’t actually contain any particularly magical properties but people do seem to see the new year as a time for new starts and renewal. It becomes like a fresh blank sheet, we just have to act or fail to act to populate it.

During my less busy times in December, I put some thought into what I want in 2016 and beyond. I want to put some action into a desire I’ve had for some time, that is to write and to publish.

The first step in that commitment is to commit to be regular on posting to this blog. This blog has evolved since I first started it several years ago. It was my first blog, so I tend to see it as my base. It started as a personal blog. I found that I was increasingly posting about current events particularly Canadian politics, so I gave this blog over to that and started another blog for the personal.

I haven’t lost my interest in either of those areas but, I do find myself evolving in several areas. So, this blog is returning to it’s roots. I’ll be writing about current news, politics, personal reflections. Whatever I don’t want to post on my other sites.

Yes, I have other sites, they are part of the evolving. You’ll learn about them as they too evolve with the new year.

My second step in my new commitment will be to research and write my first book. I have several ideas. I will pick one and commit to getting it done. I’ll be publishing most of what I write using a website I created last year.. Shadows Publishing. I’m thinking summary books under theĀ  name “Shadows Summary” as my first series. I can choose to write on a variety of topics that way. That fits my style.

I’ll need readers, especially readers who don’t mind providing some feedback. If you subscribe over there, you’ll get first kick at some of my titles so I can get feedback.

Or you can just follow me here by subscribing in the top right corner of this page.

Well. I need to get ready for the Levee at the local Legion. A place where I volunteer a lot of my time working for the good of my community and the veterans who secure my freedom. Talk to you soon.