Pride Needs to Ban Black Lives Matter TO Not the Police

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If I was holding an event, the event’s guest list would be up to me. If I included a group like Black Lives Matter TO and gave them an honoured position that would be up to me. If the group accepted, they should behave well. If that didn’t happen, the group would not be welcome in the future.

Most reasonable people consider that to be good manners. They would also consider it to be a reasonable response to bad behaviour.

Pride Parade Toronto

This past Sunday was the annual Pride parade in Toronto. I’ve always had mixed feelings about the parade but I am well aware the parade is not just about gays ‘strutting their stuff’ so to speak. It is about celebrating their hard-fought inclusion in society.

I guess the root of my mixed feelings is that it’s rather sad in the 21st century that inclusivity is not just a given. Sadly, the struggle continues for many groups in our society.

Black Lives Matter TO

This year Pride gave honoured status to the group Black Lives Matter TO. I don’t know exactly why they did and don’t care. It was Pride’s choice. If Black Lives Matter TO accepted the honour extended, then they needed to  take part  in an honourable manner.

They didn’t. They chose to stage a peaceful sit-in during the parade, bringing it to a halt. In order for the Pride organizers to get the parade moving again, they were confronted with a stark choice.

Demanding Guests

Either give into the demands of their unruly guests or ask the police to remove them. Under duress, they acceded to the demands. The parade moved on.

Most of the demands were of the nature of mandating black involvement in leadership of Pride from what I read of them. Those are bad enough but the killer was the demand that Pride ban future involvement of police via floats or booths. Apparently, it’s okay for the police to protect the movement of the parade but not to take part.

Strength vs Victim-hood

One of the things I’ve admired about Pride is how they grown out of persecution and adversity. Not into a victim-hood movement but one of strength, diversity and pride. Over the years they have built bridges with those who engaged in the persecution of the past. They have moved the annual parade to an event that people of all stripes want to take part in.

Black Lives Matter TO embraces victim-hood and demands special treatment. They want to tear down bridges rather than strengthening them. At the same time they demand an even greater say and involvement in another group’s event.

I’d Ban Them in Future

If it were up to me, I’d ban them from future participation as a group. To hell with the inevitable screams of racism they would shout from the rooftops.

My first issue with BLM is their name to be honest. I get that it came about because of the blacks killed by police under questionable circumstances. The fact is that being a visible minority in our society all too often draws the wrong kind of attention from the law. It is not just a problem for blacks. All Lives Matter would be a more productive umbrella.

There are good cops and there are bad cops, there are good blacks and bad blacks, good whites and bad whites…. do I really need to say much more to get the point across?

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Institutional Racism

One of the practices BLM and other groups fight against is the police practice of carding. That stems from a police practice of stopping citizens for what amounts to random checks.  Then recording the stop and the circumstances of it. Those records then become part of a database.

In a free society, those random checks amount to police state tactics. When police apply the stops more frequently to visible minorities they become institutional racism. In a free society, we have to stand up for everyone’s freedom of movement. Even if that means that sometimes, law enforcement is powerless to stop a crime happening because of a lack of advance warning.

Using fear of what might happen as justification for institutional racism is not freedom.

Stop the Bullying

So, BLM has a reason to be. That doesn’t justify them bullying other groups. Especially groups who have been able to rise above the persecution they have suffered and build bridges.

So, Pride, this person, who up until now really didn’t care, is really hoping you thumb your collective noses at BLM and keep doing what you do. To hell with their demands, they need to grow up.