Fort MacMurray Wildfire, My Distant View

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I’ve been watching the situation with the Fort MacMurray wildfires since they started on May 1st. My attention was immediately drawn to the first reports appearing in the media because my next younger sister, Wendy, and her family live there. At that point, the fire was near the city but didn’t seem to be a threat.

Wendy are I are not in close contact. In fact, we don’t talk very often. That is where Facebook is a help in that I see her posting on there and know she’s around. Occasionally we exchange comments. So she’s not really completely out of sight or out of mind.

Within 24 hours I was seeing reports of the fire starting to move toward the city. I started to pay more attention to the conditions in the area. Heatwave, tinder dry, fast moving fire… the sort of conditions where anyone, even from afar would start to get nervous. Could only imagine what those in the area were thinking.

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Construction Proceeds Apace

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Well, just over a week into the new year and I have managed to make some progress as I work towards my goals for this year. I started writing research notes for what will be my first book effort. More on that later.

It’s been a busy week and I’ve not posted to my blogs as I would like to. This one will likely end up being about once a week unless I want to go on a current events rant about something.

It’s a wet and rainy day here in eastern Ontario. My sister tells me it is snowing in her part of the province, that would be London. Rain and wind warnings are up here for now but the temp is expected to take a drop later this evening.

One benefit of this sort of weather is I don’t get tempted to go out just cause it is Sunday afternoon and it seems like it should be leisure time. I finally have a blog theme setup at Shadows Publishing that I like. Created a header for the site, created a new post and finished creating the Facebook page to go with the site.

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Welcome to 2016, Happy New Year

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This is my first post of 2016, welcome to you and the new year and may you have a very happy new year. The new year doesn’t actually contain any particularly magical properties but people do seem to see the new year as a time for new starts and renewal. It becomes like a fresh blank sheet, we just have to act or fail to act to populate it.

During my less busy times in December, I put some thought into what I want in 2016 and beyond. I want to put some action into a desire I’ve had for some time, that is to write and to publish.

The first step in that commitment is to commit to be regular on posting to this blog. This blog has evolved since I first started it several years ago. It was my first blog, so I tend to see it as my base. It started as a personal blog. I found that I was increasingly posting about current events particularly Canadian politics, so I gave this blog over to that and started another blog for the personal.

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Changes and Shifts

Posted on Jun 27, 2015 in Personal | Comments Off on Changes and Shifts

I’m working on making some changes in my life. What my final direction will be, who knows. I’m just taking this a step at a time. In the past, I’ve used this blog to focus on writing opinions on news that interests me. A lot of that is political, it interests me. I used another blog for writing about more personal items.

I’ve decided to transition that blog into another interest area, food and cooking. So, this blog is going to transition back to the mix of opinion and personal material it started out as.

It’s my space, I make zero apology for doing with it what I want. I’m inviting you to come and visit. For the time being, the commenting feature will be disabled while I sort out how to have the feature without all the spam that comes along with it.

For me, it is a good time to make that shift. We’re approaching an election here in Canada. That always gets my interest. Hopefully it gets yours.

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