Dear Prime Minister Trudeau

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It’s been a while since I posted to Out of the Shadows. Been intending to post sooner but today I have been moved to do so. I noticed that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going to embark on a quick tour to hear what Canadians have to say. I rather doubt he’ll be dropping in where I hang out so I’ll just share what I have to say here.

Dear Prime Minister:

So, it’s been just over a year since you were elected. Not sure if the majority you received had to do with Canadians having confidence in you as much as we were sure as hell tired of Stephen Harper and his nasty band of followers. For me, it was a lot of getting rid of Harper and willing to give you a try.

There are some areas I really think you have been letting Canadians down. Here are some of my thoughts.

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Government Needs Covenant With Veterans

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I voted Liberal this past election, in part, because they had promised change from the Conservatives and their stance that Canada doesn’t have a covenant with our Veterans.

Government Needs Covenant With Veterans

The Covenant, Our Sacred Obligation

That covenant, although not formally declared, has been a sacred obligation to provide care for those who served and fought for this country that they may live out their years in dignity.

The Conservatives went to court with a group of veterans rather than admit the country had that covenant. This past week, the Liberal government signaled they are set to return to court to uphold the Conservative argument with them.

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We Owe Our War Veterans for Life

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My dad was a World War 2 veteran. He served in theatres of war in Italy, France, Holland and Belgium. He was never physically wounded, but I’ve come to believe that what soldiers experience in war changes them for life. He returned to Canada and after the war went on with the life that he should have been having, getting a job, married and family.

When dad entered his later years, he was able to apply for and receive what was called a War Veterans Allowance (WVA). It was a small pension that those who served in theatre of war was eligible to receive as they aged. That allowance ran in tandem with the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) which provided supports to assist aging veterans to remain in their homes.

The dollar amounts dad received wasn’t much but it was enough to allow him to live out his life with a level of dignity and security. He had a green cross card that gave him access to health services like eye glasses, prescriptions and dental care. He could hire someone to cut the grass and plow the driveway and that would be reimbursed.

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