Below are articles I’ve written that I really don’t want to see just disappear into the archives. They are articles that you may be interested to see any time of the year.

Charles Rutherford VC, MC, MM

This is an article about a local hero from WW1. The local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, of which I’m currently President, is named in his honour. I knew Charlie and very much admired him. He was a man who performed a heroic act of peace in the middle of an awful war.

Stations of the Cross

For those of the Christian faith, like myself, Len a season of preparation leading up to Holy Week which takes place just before Easter. It is a very important time of the year leading up to the event which marks us as Christians even more than his birth which has so recently passed.

Central to our belief is that Christ walked amongst us, tried to reach out to us as one of us and became the sacrificial lamb for all of our sins through the crucifixion and resurrection.

A few years ago I wrote a set of Stations of the Cross. The stations are used as focal points for prayer, mediation and reflection on the journey Christ took in the hours leading up to and during his crucifixion. I’ve put them back on line for those who wish to explore.